Growing in Christ

At NBC we are committed to growing in Christ. One of our tools to nurture growth and wellbeing is a weekly email. With COVID-19 restrictions and busy schedules, this allows for focus on spiritual formation while studying on our own time. Our latest study outlines our unique personality and talents and how we can promote growth in ourselves and others by learning the language of blessing. 

The Language of Blessing

Do you realize that your unique combination of talents, character, personality, and intelligence is an incredible gift to the world? Learning to call out these God-given gifts in yourself and others is like learning a language – a language of blessing – one that will lead to more successful, fulfilling relationships and greater satisfaction at work.

In this book, author and ministry leader Joseph Cavanaugh shares his own personal story of growing up without affirmation – and what it taught him about the need we all have for someone to help us identify and value our individual wiring and giftedness. After exposing the unseen traps that may be keeping you and your loved ones from reaching your potential, Joe shows how to detect, embrace, and find joy in your unique set of strengths.

As you discover practical tools to recognize your own gifts and those of others, you’ll also find exciting ways to use your newfound “language” to bless the people you care about – in your family, your workplace, and your church – and set a new course for your relationships.         

Order your book here and read along with the weekly study.

Our new book study will explore this topic with a weekly email to discover our unique purpose and build our faith. The emails will offer reflections on the material and thoughtful applications to consider. For further reflection, we encourage you to read the personal stories of the author, Joseph Cavanaugh, each week and interact with these stories and reflections to explore your unique giftedness and the blessing of blessing others with your gifts. Sign up to join our study and receive a new email every Sunday morning starting June 6, 2021. 

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